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Summer Hull

Director of Content
TPG since 2018
Summer Hull got her start in points and miles when trying to quench a big travel appetite with a modest monthly budget. To satisfy her urge to travel without breaking the bank, Summer turned to points and miles, using everyday spending from rewards credit cards to fund future vacations. After doing this for herself and eventually her family, she started sharing her stories and tips for others on her site, Mommy Points, in 2011, where she helped everyday travelers leverage points and miles to unlock travel dreams for seven years until Mommy Points was acquired by TPG in 2018.

Since becoming a member of TPG, Summer has written, edited and shared numerous travel, credit card and loyalty program tips and stories. Her advice has been featured in Nightline, Travel Channel, The New York Times and The Washington Post, among other outlets and publications, plus various podcasts and newsletters. She continues to try and help both once-a-year and once-a-week travelers have the best travel experiences and unlock travel dreams they didn't know were possible.
If flying with babies and toddlers, remember no matter how stressed you may feel while on the plane, you'll likely never see anyone on that plane again, so don't let it get to you. Get out there and make memories with your little ones as soon as you're ready.
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